Turkish Coffee

Kahve Keyfi
Image: Enjoying Coffee by anonymous from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Enjoying_Coffee_Pera_Museum_2_b.jpg

Based on one of Sarah Selecky’s daily writing prompts (http://www.sarahselecky.com) : Describe the brim of a coffee cup.

As the thinly ground coffee and water boil up in the cezve and become inseparable under the rising foam, guests become restless with anticipation for the hot smokey taste in their mouths, conversation warms up and gradually deepens. As soon as the small cups of Turkish coffee are delivered to eager mouths, the strong sensation on tongues are rendered even more bitter with every sip after a bite of sweet turkish delight only to be mollified with shared life experiences. With each sip, more coffee grounds find their way in between taste buds, rising the heart rate with the sudden strike of high caffeine, maximizing the joy felt in good company and intriguing topics. When the cup contains more grounds than the mesmerizing liquid, cups are turned upside down on saucers and golden rings are placed on top, and thus another round of anticipation commences. Once the golden rings lose the last sheds of warmth of the coffee cup and become as cold as pebble, all conversations pertaining to worldly worries cease and the woman with the strongest sixth sense takes over.

Image source: http://www.kemalhalukcebe.com/kahvefali.html

She turns the coffee cup carefully and the one whose coffee induced lip traces mark the rim listens to their fortune; they may receive news from overseas in 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years; the fish is another sign of “kismet”, soon the right person will ask their hand in marriage; sometimes there are evil eyes so the coffee enthusiast should have hot lead poured onto fabric held above her head as a precaution against evil intentions. One by one, everyone is filled with the news hidden between dried up coffee grounds in the cup and satisfied, goodbyes are exchanged until the next coffee gathering.


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