What I have learned in the past year working as a mobile game translator and tester:

1)      Nobody understands a game at first go.

2)      Nobody understands a game until they play the whole tutorial.

3)      Don’t believe them if they tell you they do.

4)      Always check your translations.

5)      Spell check.

6)      Don’t trust spell check.

7)      Check your translations again.

8)      Don’t joke about the games with game developers.

9)      When you are with game developers, tell them you especially enjoyed the part they worked on (eg. 3D art, technical drawing etc.). They are artists that deserve acknowledgment.

10)   Never assume that the bug you wrote about in the database is easily understandable. Use short sentences in the bug database.

11)   Never assume that the codes you use in your skype messages are difficult to understand. Especially when you are surrounded by geeks who make a living using codes.

12)   Go for another free cocktail when the boss thanks all departments except the translation division at the annual Christmas party.


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