18 year olds are the best to remind you you are no longer young!

Below is a list of moments I gathered working with freshman college students from different parts of Turkey. These instances struck me like a slap in the face, reminding me the gap that opens between two generations cannot be helped and can become an advantage only if embraced…

When you play charades, no one understands you are fishing for the word “typewriter”. Even after you say the word out loud…

When you give Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp as examples for cute guys, the reaction you get is “but he is old” with a grimace.

The healthy meals including a salad and juice you look forward to are tossed aside for McDonald’s meals without the slightest bit of guilt.

Ideals are defended so heartily that you do not have the heart to contradict them and be the one to break such strong beliefs “just yet”.

When they find out you are thirty something, the look they give you is mingled with a major disappointment and pity for someone who has few years left to live.

When you talk about social media, and you proudly talk about your facebook account to show them you are hip enough to be part of the virtual world, it turns out that facebook to them is old fashioned and they prefer, what was it again?

When you talk about Nirvana, you lose your audience.

When you do your best dance that earned you a prize back in the day, your “funny” moves are appreciated for a good laugh.

The music they are crazy about is too damn loud, but you still join the rhythm, just to show that you are different from their parents.

You try hard not to tell them how much they are likely to despise some of the singers they are currently scheduling their moments of wakefulness by.

You buy a smart phone just to be able to catch them if they play online games with each other during class.

Finally, you embrace the age gap and try to learn as much from them as they can from you.


6 thoughts on “18 year olds are the best to remind you you are no longer young!”

      1. I’ll bet you anything the kids with a taste for nostalgic music are kids that have a decent relationship with their parents and like what they grew up hearing their parents play. That’s my theory.
        Anyway, don’t let them make you feel old; let them make you feel wise. 🙂

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