Cro-Magnon artists painting in Font-de-Gaume, AMNH. Date Made public in 1920, according to the book Charles R. Knight: the Artist Who Saw Through Time from wikimedia commons
Cro-Magnon artists painting in Font-de-Gaume, AMNH.
Date Made public in 1920, according to the book Charles R. Knight: the Artist Who Saw Through Time
from wikimedia commons

I am one part human, two parts koala…

I love to hug. I am crazy about hugging. Some, by that I mean my partner, may even tend to call me a little clingy, since I tend to spoon all the time… even while walking.

I am lazy. I have my favorite spot in the living room, on the couch we found at the flea market. The best activity I can think of is spending a whole day on the couch, hoping to save the world through surfing the net with occasional snooze intervals.

Sometimes I get extremely aggressive, usually around the mating season of us primates as well as koalas.

From afar, I seem smooth and loving, but from up close, I have been told I have a harsher attitude.

But then, so do many koala people. Everyone my age carries the properties of some animal. There is a perfectly scientific and logical reason behind it.

Years ago, we ran out of space on earth. The number of people populating the earth outnumbered all other species beyond anyone’s expectations. Urbanized spaces spread more and more until all cities became juxtaposed and the whole earth became one huge village…

Naturally, most animals had to yield their habitats to humans. Even maritime life was not spared, since floating cities joined one after another through bridges of various sizes spread throughout the oceans. The new hip travel venture became a round the world trip in a car.

A few others, still hoping to draw attention to what the world was turning into, made the trip on foot. They passed from land to bridge to island to bridge to continent until they reached their starting point.

There was always some concern about the ecosystem, or whatever was left of it. But when even household animals such as cats and dogs became too much of a burden on the overpopulated earth, new regulations and restrictions came into effect. We only heard bits and pieces of these and never thought we would be much affected by them.

But as most centennial elderly died of old age, but very few, almost no babies were born year after year, people came to realize that the rumors were true. Without publicizing their decisions, the governors of every one of the zones around the world had decided to modify our nutrients produced from in the deepest parts of the oceans, the only cultivable places left. Thus, everyone had become sterile.

This went on until a certain decrease was observed in the total population. Then, followed a new announcement:

There was a solution to the sterility but it could only be applied under strict government observation. Citizens who wished to have a child, of course along with certain subventions, had to agree to only one condition.

Although we had almost no animals left, the DNA of most had been preserved. Yet as the atmosphere of the earth as well as oceans and lands had been radically altered over the past few centuries, scientists could not be certain that these animals cloned in laboratories would be able to adapt to these changes. In order to help these potential animals thrive and evolve faster in the new order, an idea had been voted by zone governors as the most feasible solution.

The extinct animal DNAs were to be infused with the DNA of the child to be procreated by parents who were willing to sing a contract with the government. Thus, the child would in a way provide a surrogate body for the animals to facilitate their adaptation until they could survive on their own.

Many thought this was more of a divine intervention, a sort of punishment for the selfish deeds humans had undertaken leading to the demolition of a planet once habitable for thousands of species. By means of the Solution, the title my parents read on their contract, as did many others, they were not only taking part in the salvation of the earth and restoring it to a state where many creatures could once again co-exist, but also learning to empathize with all the animals humans had killed.

Word Count: 689

Written in response to Dailypost Challenge, 28 May:

Mutants and Hybrids: If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

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