The Holy Pee

Le péché originel (Hispanic origin) This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.
Le péché originel
(Hispanic origin)
This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

Sooo, it was a baby. I knew it and expected it, but the pee test just refused to show it. Last weekend, even the hormones could not deny the truth, and finally showed everyone I told about my suspicions, a great amount of people, that I was not imagining all the weird symptoms I was having.

Of course I went ahead and announced to almost everyone I know that I have been impregnated, the hubby scored a point, that his babies can swim, that I still have a few eggs still functioning in me blah blah…

Apparently it is bad manners or bad luck to announce before three months are over because there is a great chance for a miscarriage. I am thinking, if that should happen, I still have a couple of reasons to be thankful for. Not any cutie pie pretexts, like I am thankful fro having been with my poppy seed for a few months in my belly… Come on, right now, it is shaped more like an alien, so f… it, I don’t see much of a reason to try to bond with it, although I am having some weird lovey dovey emotions…

There is still a great possibility that it may turn into a miscarriage or some chance for major defects to be for it to be removed etc. So I am a little skeptical at the moment about having the pregnancy bonding moments.

And, I might still feel thankful if things go wrong, because it will give me opportunity to drink coffee and wine as much as I want to while thinking what sort of deep swamp I got myself into, plus a chance to move away from the work I have become chained to… If the whole pregnancy works out, I will have a three year blank in my CV. 2 years I spent here plus a year of leave… What a great place to take up working again… If the weird alien decides to move away from its current location much sooner than 9 months, I am thinking of going back to teaching in a few months. If not teaching, waitressing, as long as I am not wasting my energy at a desk.

Well, right now, I have become a week counter… That is how pregnant I am…


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