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What I have learned in the past year working as a mobile game translator and tester:

1)      Nobody understands a game at first go.

2)      Nobody understands a game until they play the whole tutorial.

3)      Don’t believe them if they tell you they do.

4)      Always check your translations.

5)      Spell check.

6)      Don’t trust spell check.

7)      Check your translations again.

8)      Don’t joke about the games with game developers.

9)      When you are with game developers, tell them you especially enjoyed the part they worked on (eg. 3D art, technical drawing etc.). They are artists that deserve acknowledgment.

10)   Never assume that the bug you wrote about in the database is easily understandable. Use short sentences in the bug database.

11)   Never assume that the codes you use in your skype messages are difficult to understand. Especially when you are surrounded by geeks who make a living using codes.

12)   Go for another free cocktail when the boss thanks all departments except the translation division at the annual Christmas party.


Joy: the balance between computer parts and body parts

Being able to change the ram of a laptop when you are considered to be computer illiterate by your tech savvy husband. That is real joy with a touch of satisfaction and a pinch of in your face.

PS: Dear “computer illiterate” reader, if you ever plan to keep secret notes from a tech savvy spouse, keep them old school, on pieces of paper and not on some weird file on your computer. These people enjoy fooling around longer in the most meaningless parts of computers than on parts of your body scientifically proven to bring great joy to your relationship…

Note for spouse: I love you hubby! Of course I keep no secrets from you and you are great with all parts, whether animate or inanimate and you should have read that word document when I asked you if you would be OK with my blogging it …

Enlightened by Porn

When I was a kid, I searched the whole house to find my adoption documents. Instead, I found a porn stash. Unaware of the authors’ gender, reading the stories in these magazines, I thought regardless of the sex of a person, it would be possible to tell if they are turned on through a bulge on the pants.

The lessons I derived from this experience: Firstly, I did not know much about anatomy. Secondly, I was not adopted. Thirdly, for a long time I could not tell the link between these magazines and the story about x and y chromosomes my mother had told me to explain where babies come from but I still somehow knew that I had to keep my discovery a secret. Therefore, as clueless as I was, I must have been aware of some taboos. Lastly, I thought that those magazines were for women as well as for men. That is why I thought many of the authors were women. I am glad that there is a feminist movement to own the pornographic media now.

A final note for my mother: Mum, you should be proud. Although it took me a while to get the “where babies come from” talk, you have raised a feminist who likes to read and can do detailed research without leaving behind any evidence. 🙂