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What to write

My mother tells me to write funny posts. It is true that when I do make funnier entries, the number of likes increases as proven in my previous blog. And when they are shorter, and have nice colorful attractive pictures the likes “keep coming”. Just the sort of things that I like to read on other blogs.

However, being a self diagnosed bipolar, the type that has floods of polarized emotions throughout the day, depending on which emotion – a joyful moment or a deep brooding – my writing break coincides with, I may end up thinking about extremely gloomy stories or jumping up and down with elation at each word.

Thus, rather than following the number of likes I get per post, I have decided to add anything that gets me going. That is why I would like to imagine that I am writing to my friends and those who are really close to me, without fearing any judgment. These posts are “me” only slightly censored.